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Zeus Collins and Chienna Filomeno aka Chie Scandal seem to have taken over the internet. However, it seems that the video that went viral is related to both celebrities.

For those of you who are curious, let’s find out more about the scandal and what celebrities say about the thing that is now going viral.

Zeus has made his name quite famous on social media. However, that was not where his talent was spread.

He is a singer, actor, and also an expert host. He has managed to amass a huge fan base across the Philippines with his dazzling talent.

Chennai himself made a name for himself with his outstanding acting career. He has been part of many blockbuster shows. Which he managed to accumulate fame and fortune.

Link Video Zeus Collins And Chie Filomeno Viral

Zeus Collins And Chienna Filomeno aka CHIE Scandal. Recently, a video went viral on social media, in which couples can be seen having a certain personal time.

And people say that the couple is Zeus and Chienna. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

The Video was taken by CCTV cameras, but the camera had very poor video quality. So there is no way to identify the face of the couple.

However, that did not stop people from saying that they were Zeus and Chienna yanga da inside the CCTV camera.

Zeus has written an Instagram post that clarifies that the video is not related to him at all and does not make any sense when it comes to him.

He also wrote to people to realize that their devices might be hacked by this kind of fake news.

It seems that the scandal about these two stars is some kind of fake news that has now become a hot conversation of netizens.

Are Zeus Collins And Chienna Filomeno Dating?

They say no, Zeus and Chennai are not dating each other.Zeus also replied in a recent post saying that it became Gossip.

Zeus has even been reported to be in a relationship with Pau Spongiaceae Redondo.She seems to be in a very happy relationship with her lover, so there’s no point in having another relationship.

Zeus is on Instagram under the handle name hashtag_zeuscollins with over 1.3 million of his followers.

She can be seen posting pictures and videos of her having fun with her friends and colleagues in different places as well.

As well as Chienna’s Instagram handle is chiefilomeno, which is a verified account with more than 3 million followers.

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